Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lips

So everyone is coming up with different kind of liquid lipsticks nowadays, it seems like there is always some new shit coming out every single week. Today we are going to talk about Colourpop newest shit – Ultra Blotted Lips.

So let’s see what Colourpop has to say about them.

The Ultra Blotted Lips is said to be a medium coverage matte (sheer matte) lipstick that creates a soft, diffused look. It is said to be:

▶︎ Completely transfer-proof

▶︎ Long-wearing

▶︎ Lightweight and comfortable

▶︎ No cracking or flaking

▶︎ Leave lips smooth and fresh

I believe everybody who loves liquid lipsticks finds it impossible to find something that doesn’t dry the shit out of your lips or if they don’t dry your lips out, they transfer everywhere. Well, I am that person who suffers these horrible problems. So when Colourpop suddenly came up with this oh-so-wonderful unbelievable sorcery, I couldn’t pass the chance of finding out if this is the next best thing.

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