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I have been on a tiny hiatus lately cause I’ve been spending way way WAY too much money on makeup. Just the other day when I was doing some spring cleaning of the wallet, I found a bunch of receipts & calculated to realise I spend a good $200/$300 a month just on makeup.

Despite all the sales like the Great Singapore Sale, things are still pretty expensive. So I look for every way possible to save more money while shopping & chanced upon ShopBack – the gateway to an even better experience to online shopping.

What is ShopBack?

As what the name states, Shopback is literally giving you something back when you shop – A cashback.

Shopback Singapore works with different merchants such as Sephora (my fav, of course), Zalora, Hermo and 300+ more merchants!

You not only get even greater savings from Sephora sales & Zalora coupons for your fashion buys. The cashback rewards and deals extend across the board meaning you can also get to save some moolah when you order delivery from places like Honestbee or make travel plans with Expedia! (ShopBack is having their Great Singapore Sale promotions, find out more here)

How does this work?

To start getting those discount coupons, simply follow these simple steps.

First off, sign up an account with Shopback.
Feel free to use my referral code (click here) and get $5 off straight then when you make your first purchase you get another $5. So right off the bat, you’ve $10 in your pocket already!


i. Find which deal you wish to use & click on it bringing you to the brand’s page. From there you just gotta do your own shopping but always remember to stay on the page. (Purchases made from another window will not be detected, that means sayonara moolah).

ii. In the next 48 hours, your purchase should be recorded as pending in your Shopback account. & In 30-60 days after validation, (I know I know, it’s a tedious process to wait, I am the most impatient person so I totally understand but just think about it. In a month you get more moolah to purchase more things to get cash back again!!) you are ready to pocket those moolah to your account!

iii. Once your purchases have turn into Redeemable Cashback, it’s time to put some money back into those pocket for the next round of makeup haul!

Simple steps for great saving! Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section if you need more details on this, I’ll be absolutely happy to help.

Otherwise, WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE! Faster go to Shopback & start getting dem moolah back!

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