Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) is known for their Glow Kits, but I wasn’t drawn to any of them till I saw this.. I had to have it but sadly, it is quite troublesome to get my hands on it because ABH doesn’t provide shipping to Singapore, and third party is needed to get this shipped to Singapore. Bottom line – it is so bloody troublesome.

Okay, let’s see what ABH claims about this limited edition glow kit.

▶︎ Layer Beautifully

▶︎ Luminous Finish

▶︎ Buildable metallic-luster formula

Let’s see if these glow kits are really worth the hype.

The shades are pretty flattering no matter you’re dark or fair skin. One swipe on my face and you can see pop of glow, there is absolutely no need to actually pile on another layer at all. One swipe = intense glow goddess. The kit comes in six different colors instead of the usual four in other glow kits.

Kitty Kat – Pink with a platinum reflect
Forever Young – Pink pearl with a silver reflect
Daydream – Coral with a white gold reflect
Forever Lit – Platinum with a lavender reflect
Glo Getter – Champagne with a rose reflect
143 – Rose gold with a bronze reflect

And they mix well, I like throwing Kitty Kat + Forever Lit together and there’s this glow from within with a little pinkish tone that makes it so pleasant to look at. I only apply it dry because that is enough glow for me, but the ABH did state that if you wish to apply it wet, it works too. (The kit is too dear for me to even have a chance of ruining it, lol).

☑︎ Application

Okay, I actually had a tough time deciding on whether a not to get this, it is something I really wanted but at the same time so god damn expensive. At first, there were two options, buy from someone who ships them over but the prices are inflated by like SGD$10-$30, I couldn’t bring myself to pay that sum knowing that the kit wasn’t that expensive. Then the second option was to go through a third party. But I had bad experience with one of them before and this product is so fragile, so that was out of question for me.

Imagine me desperately wanting the kit and scared as hell that it’ll be sold out so I had to find another option somehow that didn’t overcharge me like crazy. So i asked everyone and researched everywhere for another way to get it and I FOUND IT – Airfrov. I will have a post with regards to that prolly in a later date. But basically the app lets people who are there know you want the product and get them to purchase so that when they come back they can give it to you. So I paid about SGD$60, SGD$10 for each shade, for it (original price is SGD$55-58/USD$40). Although it’s still at the pricey side but extra $2-5 for delivery to Singapore, it’s better than paying the extra $10-$30 for the exact same thing.

☑︎ Price

Well I’ll let you make a guess what I think. If you guessed that “she thinks this shit is pigmented as fuck”, well we are on the same page. All the finger swatches are just one swipe. I did not have to swirl my finger in the shades at all. I just took one swipe and BOOM pigmentation baby. Enough said drop mic

☑︎ Pigmentation

I don’t really have problem with highlighter ever like fading from my face, I was out from 1PM till about 10PM, 9 hours, came home took a 3 hours nap till 1 AM and highlight still there. So I don’t think there’s any doubt with regards to the longevity of the product.

Even after 12 hours long of wear time, there was not breaking or cracking seen anywhere on my face. Everything stayed the same as how it was put on so 100/100 for longevity.

☑︎ Longevity

So then, what is my final verdict.

There are a lot of highlighter in the market now that perform just as well as this. I can right of the bat think of one that has just as much to offer as this at a fraction of the price. But because this product is limited edition (or I think it is), I think it’s worth to splurge a little for once. Also, highlighters last for quite a long time and they are very versatile, they can be used both as eyeshadow & as highlighters. The pigmentation of this glow kit is phenomenal and creamy to touch, it shows true to color application on your face instantly and last a very long time. Of course, if you already have a glow kit, i honestly don’t think it’s worth it to splurge on another even though colours may differ.

Is this product Cheryl Approved?
This is actually my very first ABH product, and I honestly love it so much, so it’s a yes from me.

Of course, as I said (like a paragraph before), if you are on a tight budget and/or already have a glow kit, please don’t splurge on it and find some drugstore one that perform just as well.

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    1. If you don’t any glow kit, I think it’s worth it because the colors are really universal as compared to the other glow kit (in my opinion).
      Will definitely check it out!!
      xo, Cheryl.

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