Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lips

So everyone is coming up with different kind of liquid lipsticks nowadays, it seems like there is always some new shit coming out every single week. Today we are going to talk about Colourpop newest shit – Ultra Blotted Lips.

So let’s see what Colourpop has to say about them.

The Ultra Blotted Lips is said to be a medium coverage matte (sheer matte) lipstick that creates a soft, diffused look. It is said to be:

▶︎ Completely transfer-proof

▶︎ Long-wearing

▶︎ Lightweight and comfortable

▶︎ No cracking or flaking

▶︎ Leave lips smooth and fresh

I believe everybody who loves liquid lipsticks finds it impossible to find something that doesn’t dry the shit out of your lips or if they don’t dry your lips out, they transfer everywhere. Well, I am that person who suffers these horrible problems. So when Colourpop suddenly came up with this oh-so-wonderful unbelievable sorcery, I couldn’t pass the chance of finding out if this is the next best thing.

Now, let’s see whether this babies worked for me.

Honestly, I have a love/ hate relationship with these. They are so comfortable (they feel like absolutely nothing on the lips), but sometimes rather difficult to apply. They basically are matte lip tint, super comfortable, lightweight and smooth as claimed. However when you smack your lips together, they color moves around and when you do try to apply another coat, the first coat moves around (this is a very prominent problem for brighter colors). So I’m really on the fence about the application

☑︎/☒ Application

One thing great about Colourpop is that it’s inexpensive, and one thing for sure is that they are quality products. These are only USD$6 for one which is about.. SGD$8. Also, Colourpop offers free international shipping over a certain amount every once in awhile. There’s really nothing to complain about their prices honestly, it’s prolly one of the best you can get out there.

☑︎ Price

I got three different shades to try.

Double Scoop – A light coral

Zuma – A warm rosey mauve

Out of Beach – A bright coral

Out of all of em, Zuma is my favourite one. It acts as a very good MLBB, and on days i wanna give my face a bit of color, I can just throw this on and leave the house. They are so so easy to put on, one swipe you can get the color (for a sheer matte formula, it is really very pigmented). So this is my go-to formula now, they fade of so nicely when in contact with oily food (which is normal for all liquid lipsticks), and they really do not flake one bit. You can touch your lips after it dries down, it doesn’t transfer and your lips are as smooth as a baby’s bottom, not kidding.

☑︎ Pigmentation

Most importantly, for lazy people like me, I need things that are as low maintenance as possible. I’m not that kinda girl that does touch ups. I don’t have the habit of checking my make up when I’m outside, which is why, I need something that last and if my eating is going to cause fading, it better fade nicely and not seem like I didn’t apply my lipstick properly.

And this does the job and meet my expectation 100%. I’ve been out and about for a good 10 hours and even taking an afternoon nap and this does not move at all, color is as good as how I applied it in the beginning. Despite being on for so long, my lips felt no discomfort at all. Not. One. Bit.

☑︎ Longevity

So here’s is my final verdict.

I do highly recommend this product if you’re looking for a cheap good quality liquid lipstick to try out. Because my lips are so dry all the time, this formula sits on me very well, it doesn’t accentuate my very dry lips and it keeps them looking smooth and feeling fresh all day. Out of all my liquid lipstick, this is on the top of my list now.

(Update: As of now, all of the Ultra Blotted Lips are out of stock. I will keep you guys updated on my social media accounts if they decided to do a restock!)

Now for the most important part,

Is this product Cheryl Approved?
YES! A million times YES.

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