Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

It feels good to come back to my space. I’ve decided to take some time off to actually build up this space as well as my beauty channel on YouTube. Exam are finally over and we’ll wait to see whether yours truly will be able to advance to the working society. Honestly, NOT EXCITED.

Having ultra feels to be doing this full time and hopefully I could start achieving something in time to come. (Wish me luck!)

So everybody who ever into make up is raving about this concealer. Every beauty guru I ever watched swears by this so I decided I needed to know what makes these sooooo damn good.

So what is this gem?

According to Tarte website, this is ‘A vegan friendly, creamy concealer for radiant coverage and contouring.’

It promises to:

Mask Imperfection

Deliver natural, radiant coverage across all skin types

Instantly brighten

 Cover acne, dark circles and redness

Soften the look of pores and fine lines

I love anything that makes me look natural while covering up all my blemishes. Me being fair as hell, blemishes tend to look very prominent on me. I’ve tried many concealers from high end to drug store, they either make me look cakey like crazy or doesn’t cover nuts, so this seems like the best shit to invest my money on to try.

So I went and ordered it off the Tarte website, and here is my verdict.

First of, SGD$36 for a concealer is god damn expensive, I can get a decent eyeshadow palette for lesser than SGD$36 so the price did throw me of a lil but it’s like the god of all concealer that if i don’t get it I might regret the rest of my life.

& because I’m not sure what shade so I decided to get two different ones to try. Adios to SGS$72 (I haven’t include shipping).


When I purchased it, new shades just came out. So i thought why not try them out since neutral shades usually fits me best because I’m not yellow-toned nor pink-toned skin, I’m more in between the two.

Fair neutral worked well for me, but light neutral was a tad bit too dark so instead of concealing, it works as a bronzer. (kinda).

The doufe applicator is crazy humongous and there is a hole in middle which holds a lot of product when you remove it from the tube which is good so you don’t have to continuously dunk it in again to get more product. This is great but at times, it does deposit a little too much product so do be careful when you apply on your face, too much may cause it to look a little funky on your face.

☑︎ Application

& I prolly say this way too often but a little goes a long long loOOooOOOng way. I literally just put like one dot of product under my eyes and it covers my entire dark eye circle.

☑︎ Pigmentation

I usually apply it with a beauty blender and it looks really natural under the eyes and on my blemishes. There’s this really pleasant light smell to it as well. Had it on for a good 6-8 hours and it held on like a champ. My nose has really huge pores and produces quite a crazy amount of oil throughout the day and this baby manages to make those pores look like they are barely there however it does break off when my nose gets crazy oily (but I’ve yet to find a perfect concealer that doesn’t do that so I won’t give it a very poor rating for this problem).

☑︎ Longevity

Final Verdict:

The shape tape is most definitely worth the money (despite it being a little on the pricey side). However, because it is not available in stores in Singapore for god knows what reason since they can come up with the unicorn collection so quickly, color matching may be a problem for you. Otherwise, please give this a try, & because so little product is needed for every use, this tube can last you a good amount of time.

From now on, I will be using this rating system for my review as seen above. However, the rating will not determine my recommendations. I do understand that sometimes, there are great things that may cost more than others. But this will provide you with in depth detail on how certain products worked on me.

Is this product Cheryl Approved?
Well, let’s just say, hell yeah.

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  1. Ya, I highly highly doubt so too. Either that or we got to wait damn bloody Long for it to come but I think just purchasing straight from tartecosmetics.com would be wiser. You can watch for discount every now and then (: thank for the complement, I promise to keep you intrigue for more! Hahaha

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