Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) is known for their Glow Kits, but I wasn’t drawn to any of them till I saw this.. I had to have it but sadly, it is quite troublesome to get my hands on it because ABH doesn’t provide shipping to Singapore, and third party is needed to get this shipped to Singapore. Bottom line – it is so bloody troublesome.

Okay, let’s see what ABH claims about this limited edition glow kit.

▶︎ Layer Beautifully

▶︎ Luminous Finish

▶︎ Buildable metallic-luster formula

Let’s see if these glow kits are really worth the hype.

The shades are pretty flattering no matter you’re dark or fair skin. One swipe on my face and you can see pop of glow, there is absolutely no need to actually pile on another layer at all. One swipe = intense glow goddess. The kit comes in six different colors instead of the usual four in other glow kits.

Kitty Kat – Pink with a platinum reflect
Forever Young – Pink pearl with a silver reflect
Daydream – Coral with a white gold reflect
Forever Lit – Platinum with a lavender reflect
Glo Getter – Champagne with a rose reflect
143 – Rose gold with a bronze reflect

And they mix well, I like throwing Kitty Kat + Forever Lit together and there’s this glow from within with a little pinkish tone that makes it so pleasant to look at. I only apply it dry because that is enough glow for me, but the ABH did state that if you wish to apply it wet, it works too. (The kit is too dear for me to even have a chance of ruining it, lol).

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Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lips

So everyone is coming up with different kind of liquid lipsticks nowadays, it seems like there is always some new shit coming out every single week. Today we are going to talk about Colourpop newest shit – Ultra Blotted Lips.

So let’s see what Colourpop has to say about them.

The Ultra Blotted Lips is said to be a medium coverage matte (sheer matte) lipstick that creates a soft, diffused look. It is said to be:

▶︎ Completely transfer-proof

▶︎ Long-wearing

▶︎ Lightweight and comfortable

▶︎ No cracking or flaking

▶︎ Leave lips smooth and fresh

I believe everybody who loves liquid lipsticks finds it impossible to find something that doesn’t dry the shit out of your lips or if they don’t dry your lips out, they transfer everywhere. Well, I am that person who suffers these horrible problems. So when Colourpop suddenly came up with this oh-so-wonderful unbelievable sorcery, I couldn’t pass the chance of finding out if this is the next best thing.

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Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

It feels good to come back to my space. I’ve decided to take some time off to actually build up this space as well as my beauty channel on YouTube. Exam are finally over and we’ll wait to see whether yours truly will be able to advance to the working society. Honestly, NOT EXCITED.

Having ultra feels to be doing this full time and hopefully I could start achieving something in time to come. (Wish me luck!)

So everybody who ever into make up is raving about this concealer. Every beauty guru I ever watched swears by this so I decided I needed to know what makes these sooooo damn good.

So what is this gem?

According to Tarte website, this is ‘A vegan friendly, creamy concealer for radiant coverage and contouring.’

It promises to:

Mask Imperfection

Deliver natural, radiant coverage across all skin types

Instantly brighten

 Cover acne, dark circles and redness

Soften the look of pores and fine lines

I love anything that makes me look natural while covering up all my blemishes. Me being fair as hell, blemishes tend to look very prominent on me. I’ve tried many concealers from high end to drug store, they either make me look cakey like crazy or doesn’t cover nuts, so this seems like the best shit to invest my money on to try.

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